Looking outwards, love the view!

I sometimes bump into glass doors/ceilings,
don't avoid chocolate at times of stress,
am perfectly comfortable with not being totally glamorous, I am Jojo Lisbeth-Noomi Salander.

I keep pebbles to remind me of places I've been,
think floating on my back is fun, wonder what happened to people I knew years ago, got really shitty when my bicycle was stolen, love to snuggle under a duvet when the rain is on the roof, don't like sand in my muffin, read books all the way through and find the day has completely gone, look upward at really big trees and wonder how old they are, by far prefer soft, gentle ladies to hard brutal gentlemen, am happy to be loved and love to be happy.

I'm enjoying the view as I pass through on my journey.
  • koolbeens:

    yo what ya say we go on a road trip?
    hell ya lets go!

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Messing around again with my pretty flowy shirt


    Messing around again with my pretty flowy shirt

  • lezbenothing:

    Do me right… (LINK)

  • simply-forbidden:

    New video, hope you enjoy ;)

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  • kola4:

    This is the real deal.  Real passion, real orgasms, and real squirting.  It’s not like you see in porn movies of women squirting across the room or in long streams (that’s likely pee disguised as squirting).  This is the real deal.  Amazing.  Notice the difference between the squirting, internal orgasm and the clitoral, external orgasm.  They are very different and very pleasurable…

  • sweetjanie:

    she is so bold and so hot.  seriously i’m dripping with her.



    for u sir

    OMFG :-D !!!!! This must be the wildest hottest sexiest thing I have ever seen… And that sweet innocent yet mischievous voice… Ouch… You are fucking killing me here because I too cannot do anything about it… Yet… ;-)

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Looking outwards, love the view!